Planning for learning and progress

There are many tools out there to help teachers plan for student learning and progress.

For instance, in the classroom, you can use technology such as Kahoot, Padlet and Socrative to check your students’ progress to inform your planning.

Finding out what students know, want to learn and have learned!

Padlet is great for getting a snapshot of students’ knowledge. In the example illustrated above, Padlet is used to find out what students already know and what they want to learn. Padlet is also useful for finding out what students have learnt at the end of your lesson.

Kahoot is a popular tool for testing your students’ knowledge or understanding in a fun way that engages learners AND helps you to diagnose their needs at any point in a lesson.


Similarly, Socrative allows you to quickly engage and assess students on any device and operating system during class.


In addition, if you are a Moodle user, you may be surprised by the power of activity, completion and Grader reports for monitoring student progress online.

Finally, ePortfolios are great platforms for enabling students to plan and reflect on their learning journeys. Teachers can also access their students’ portfolios to keep track of their learning and development. They are especially popular in vocational subjects where students need to demonstrate their practical skills. For example, they are used by Hair and Beauty trainees, Lab Technician apprentices and in work-based learning at the College.

 If you would like further advice or more in-depth training on any of the above digital tools or technologies, please do not hesitate to contact your friendly Digital Education team !