Video Assessment & Audio Feedback for Sports Science

There are innovative assessment and feedback methods going on in the Centre for Applied Sciences! Mark Ansell, a lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science, recently trialed video assessment and audio feedback with his students for a unit on Fitness Testing.

Planet eStream is our new media server which stores multimedia files securely and integrates with Moodle. Mark started by uploading a video clip instructing students on the requirements for their assessment via the eStream Plugin in the Moodle Assignment tool.

Video Instructions
Video Instructions for the Moodle Assignment

Students then videoed each other performing their fitness tests, edited their videos using Windows Movie Maker and uploaded their finished files to a Moodle Assignment using the eStream Plugin.

Student Video Submissions
Student Video Submissions (Teacher view)

Mark explained that his approach to marking the submissions would be to make notes as he watched each video clip, then to record approximately 90 seconds of audio using the ‘PoodLL Feedback’ plugin.

Audio Feedback - blurred
Teacher’s Audio ‘Feedback PoodLLs’ on the Video Submissions

PoodLL is a set of plugins we recently installed in Moodle which includes functionality such as audio and video recording, whiteboards for drawings and annotations, as well as other features such as  stopwatches and flashcards.

Teachers can record audio feedback for a student’s assignment directly in Moodle so long as they enable the Feedback PoodLL in the assignment feedback type settings and enable the plugin’s Flash player to access their microphone. They can now also record audio or video in assignment instructions, for quiz questions, feedback and in any HTML editor.

Feedback on Mark’s initiative so far has been very positive. There was definitely a buzz in the room while students edited their videos. Mark suggested one reason for the engagement with this type of assignment may have been the novelty factor. However, one student told me the reason he preferred this type of assignment to writing an essay is that it felt more relevant for demonstrating the skills he had acquired.

Furthermore, three students made a point of approaching Mark to tell him how much they preferred audio feedback. Mark has been so pleased with the way video assessment and audio feedback has worked, he is already using it for another unit.

If you are interested in using the Planet eStream or PoodLL plugins in your Moodle courses for content delivery, assessment or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact the eLearning Team for advice and support.

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