SketchUp: The 3D Modelling Program


What is SketchUp?

SketchUp is a 3D modelling application used for projects on architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and video game design. Here, I will talk about the main features of SketchUp as well as demonstrating a small tutorial of drawing simple objects. 

Main features 

  • Different versions
    SketchUp has different versions for certain groups of people. Its free version that is only accessed online is for people who are new to 3D modelling, paid versions (such as SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Studio) are suited for those who have more experienced and use 3D modelling for more serious work. There is a more affordable price on paid versions for students in higher education to use. SketchUp and SketchUp Pro are free to use online for primary and secondary schools when applying with educational accounts. 
  • Lesson plans on websites
    Mainly used for schools but can also be used for personal projects, ‘lesson plans’ are available on the SketchUp website. These plans are illustrated tutorials and guides for creating easy objects. 
  • 3D Warehouse
    The 3D Warehouse is a website where you can search up models made from SketchUp. It’s a great resource for SketchUp users when they don’t have the time or need to create their own models.

Mini Demos of SketchUp Features

Here I will be showing small demonstrations of me using the free version of SketchUp online.

Drawing Shapes

The Push And Pull Tool

The Paint Bucket Tool

Changing Viewpoints

Drawing Lines

Drawing Arcs

Using 3D Warehouse


I think this program is a very useful tool for people who want to start 3D modelling, whether it’s for designing a product for DT class or a personal room design project, SketchUp contains simple tools and functions to create complex detailed results.

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