Lingbe is a perfect app for improving and learning English. When you are ready to practise your speaking, I think you’ll need Lingbe. It’s an app where people can help each other and share their native language. It connects you with real people on call that are native in the language you are looking to learn.

Lingbe has a language exchange system. So it’s basically a give and take app where you are both the teacher and learner. Overall, it’s a fun way to make friends, learn cultures and learn a new language especially English.

Although there are many apps like Lingbe that connect with native speakers, I have selected it because it is extremely simple. You just need to select your native language and the language you want to learn and then share a little about your interests.

I really like this app and recommend it to others because it can be very helpful to improve your English by talking to other people through chat and calls.

Lingbe is nice. Give it a try!

Writer: Mahdi Pooladi

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