My review of Quizlet

What it is:

Quizlet is a learning/revision app which can aid and also individually teach students. It allows teachers to create quizzes and flashcard sets and share them with their students, like on Google Classroom. Students can also create their own digital revision notes/flashcard sets. The app will automatically create quizzes and match questions. This helps with revising and learning new content. Students can swipe the card to the direction they feel is necessary and the app will bring back the terms they did not understand or remember the first time around.

How it works:

The app works as follows. Students can create their own sets by pressing the plus symbol or they can search for sets by topic or lesson e.g. ‘Elements of Life Chemistry.’

They will then be able to select one of five given options, learn, flashcards, write, match and test. Learn will give content and ask you to match it to its meaning, If they get the answer wrong they will be asked to revise it and the correct answer will be given. Flashcards are self explanatory, just like usual written flashcard, there will be pages/cards with information on one side and its meaning on the other. Write allows students to give written responses rather than multiple choice helping with longer essay questions and exam practice. Match allows students to match definitions to their words by setting out all cards on one page, there is also a timer so it simulates a fun game which can help with revision and memory. Test is created by using information in a test and reducing them and making them test questions. It includes all multiple choice, written and true or false questions.

Additional options:

the app also has additional functions for students and teachers. Students can input their subjects and their school in their profile. They can also be placed in classes. Therefore, it can be used for lessons and it would be very useful to students if teachers gave it out as revision material rather than worksheets which can get lost and be very confusing.

In conclusion:

This app is very useful and can keep students engaged. However, to improve it their should be a broader ‘mark scheme’ for the written answers, but it could be argued that the precise mark scheme in the app is beneficial and helps students ensure the marks in an actual exams. I would recommend this app since it is simple and very effective. Teachers will be able to grasp the concept easily and students will do the same.

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