Tasker – Automate your phone

Tasker is an Android app which performs tasks (a set of actions) based on contexts in user made profiles or home shortcuts (widgets). It drastically extends the ability of your phone.

It can be used for a lot of things – for example:

  • Launching Spotify when headphones are connected
  • Setup a birthday message to be sent on a certain date
  • Opening Netflix when you unlock your phone

It is only available for Android but, worry not! Android phones are very cheap these days. There are automation apps for iPhone as well.

Is it worth the purchase? I’d say yes, because there are a wide range of posibilities that can be unlocked with the app.

The interface can be a bit daunting, but I’d say it’s worth learning. There are other free automation apps such as Automate and Macrodroid that can do similar functions, but none are as comprehensive as Tasker, which also has plugins to further extend its functionality.

Check it out!

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