The benefits of playing FIFA

About the game:

FIFA is a football game where you control a team and play as them e.g. you can play as Arsenal, Barcelona etc. In FIFA you will do exactly what you will do in real-life football like throwing balls back onto the pitch, corners and everything else you would do in real-life football.

Benefits of this game:

If you love football and enjoy watching it then this will have many benefits. You will need to have good tactics as the game is all about team work and you will need to have good passing skills and dribbling which will require you to know which players are good for certain situations, which will be easy if you watch football already.

Availability of FIFA

FIFA is available on both consoles PlayStation and Xbox which is great because if you have an Xbox or PlayStation , you can get it. It is not available on pcs or mobile phones which is a shame but it is a game and games are better on entertainment systems. You can buy FIFA through the PlayStation and Xbox stores at a price of £59.99.

Can you play with others and how?

You can play FIFA with others in two different ways one is you invite your friends and family over and they bring a controller which they can use to play with you, they will control a team and you will control a team therefore you will be able to play matches together.

The other way is through the use of internet if you have friend or family who have a PlayStation or Xbox and have the game they can play with you the exact same way but better as they can be as far away as they want and play as long as they have internet.

Would I recommend it ?

I would recommend the game to anyone who loves football and loves to watch and I will also recommend it to anybody that does not watch football as it is a good way of reliving stress through a hard day as when you will play the game you will feel engulfed in the game and the different things you will need to do to score that goal.

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