Review of Notion

Notion is a workspace app, used for notes, projects and documents. This application has multiple uses and formats and templates making it very flexible to suit different needs for different users. Here I will talk about the basic tools of Notion and how I use Notion to organize my school work.

Notion has a vast variety of template page ranges from design purposes, education materials and personal to-do lists. You can also adjust these templates to your personal needs. Here is an example of using templates:

Sharing workspaces
This function is only in paid versions of Notion that are specifically built for businesses and project groups. This allows for other people to work on a document, making it easy to update information and add new ideas. This can be utilised as large groups of people can’t meet up. 

Personal Pro Plan Notion is free for students
Although there is a free version for Notion, it doesn’t have some of the features that the paid versions have. The personal plan pro version is free when using a student email (so I made the most of it).

To-Do lists, tables, calendars, trackers
These are 4 simple yet powerful organisation tools commonly used in Notion and other organisation apps. It’s easy to implement and link to other documents. Here is an example using the Task List template:

Syncs with other devices
I have Notion synced on my laptop and my iPad. It’s downloadable on IOS and android as well as Windows and iMac making it widely available.

How I use Notion

This is my setup for the A-level Computer Science specification. I used a table to organize the topics and sub-topics. The sub-topics have their pages that have key information and points (which are lessons). These lessons have sections for my revision, the teacher and the date the lesson was taught. I found this very helpful to keep track of what I’m learning and what lessons I can prepare for.

For more creative subjects such as Fine Art and Graphic Communication, I use a table but in a slightly different template. I have page numbers, what the page is about, the type of page, any notes I have to keep in mind, if there is a due date, if I have completed the content for the page and if I have uploaded the work to my digital sketchbook. I used this for my GCSE Art sketchbook, you can easily see what work is missing and if I have submitted it online. Notion has helped me managing a digital sketchbook as it is different from a paper sketchbook.

To summarize, Notion can assist you in your personal life and work life. I highly recommend students to sign up with their student emails to get the most out of the personal plan pro for free. I also suggest searching for templates and guides on YouTube as other people have created their own reviews and templates that you can use.

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