Beck’s helpful hints for staff getting started teaching with Google Classroom

  • Download the apps for Classroom, Drive and Hangouts
  • Always use Google Chrome to teach in Google Classroom – it is designed to be used together.  Chrome can be downloaded if you don’t have it.
  • Set a ‘Question’ as a starter activity to use as a register. This could be combined with a recap of learning from the previous lesson.  You can then go back to this later if Web Registers don’t work to see at a glance who was ‘present’.
  • Switch on ‘students can post and comment’ in the settings for each class – this will facilitate student discussion. Click on the ‘settings cog’ and choose from the options available.  
  • Make sure you’ve got your college email open so that you can see, as an overview, the work being submitted and any questions asked – saves you hunting through Google Classroom to find it (note: they will come into you’ other’ tab in your email)
  • Be live in your lesson throughout
  • Use ‘Chrome Castify’ to record your explanations of activities (if you don’t want to venture into MS Teams or Hangouts just yet).  This can be added as a Chrome extension easily.
  • Read through any PowerPoints or materials you’ve previously used in class to make sure that all instructions make sense to students who are working remotely (i.e. remove any instruction to ‘discuss with the person on your table’ or ‘discuss as a group’). 

To be continued!

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