Bett2020: My experience.

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This year I was given the opportunity to attend the Bett show in January alongside my digital ambassador partners. the Bett show is a massive gathering of global network partners and educators to come together and deliver inspiring content and ideas into EdTech practices in the UK and across the world. It was the first time I had ever visited an annual trade show that showcased many useful and exciting new technology devices and apps to encourage education through digital means.

What was there?

On display there were countless people attempting and trying out VR games designed to help with sciences for children in secondary schools such as short clips showing how the body is able to regulate and maintain it’s body temperature. We also got to check out BT and their stall on the upper floors where they discussed mini robots assisting children in primary schools with focusing on their schoolwork an partnering up with as many schools as possible across the UK. Personally, I enjoyed the interactive game where I had to search for the different elements and bring them all together in the game. Additionally, I very much enjoyed the dancing robots that were located around the building.

-One of the robot transformers put on display in the technology stall

There were several other presentations being held that we attend such as Google who were sharing their newest features in their apps such as Google Classroom and Google Forums. Microsoft also had several stalls distributed around the building, all which showcased different features of Microsoft from robots to Microsoft word and Publisher. However, I would have to argue that the highlight of this trip was when I was given a chance to give a small speech outlining what being a digital ambassador does and how its helped me so far since I’ve started sixth form alongside some other teachers from other schools who gave a presentation about the importance of technology through education.

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