Creating Digital Stories with Adult ESOL Students

Lois Darlington, the Staff Digital Leader for the Centre for Lifelong Learning, recently agreed to explore creating Digital Stories using Adobe Spark with her Adult ESOL students. Adobe Spark is a free tool that is available to all College staff and students. We worked with the student digital ambassadors to create step by step guides on how to use Adobe Spark.

Before the lesson, Lois created a Digital Story of her own to model to the students. The students then planned and scripted their own stories ensuring they used the correct grammatical tense and vocabulary. We encouraged students to keep stories simple with a short beginning, middle and end.

When the students began to produce their stories, they needed to ensure they included suitable images and simple captions. They also made sure their voiceovers added detail to their story.

ESOL students adding images to their Adobe Spark videos
A student previewing their story so far.

Students loved using Adobe Spark and were greatly engrossed in creating their mini masterpieces. Some students were delighted to hear their own voices narrating the stories.

Overall, introducing Adobe Spark as a method for students to demonstrate their learning was a great success. Lois was pleased to see how well the Adult ESOL students engaged with the task, many of whom do not have much experience in using digital technology,

Example stories:

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