Two Free Maths Apps for GCSE Students!

Gojimo Maths App

This Maths app is called Gojimo and it allows you to study all types of courses including Maths GCSEs. There are other subjects you could do on there including the mandatory English and Science and other subjects like resistant materials and economics.

How it works is you simply pick the exam board you’re doing with GCSE Maths and the level you are, whether its Foundation or Higher then it teaches you the specific task you will need to understand in order to do the quiz for it.


The GCSE Maths revision app allows you to also look at different topics related to maths. It contains 5 different categories including Maths Super Edition, Geometry, Number, Algebra and Statistics. 830 questions in all just for Geometry! There is high quality content written by experienced mathematicians and 760 questions in all just for Number! There are 730 questions just for Algebras. 375 questions just for Stats. This is also high quality content written by experienced GCSE tutors, which makes the app more reliable to use.

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