Why Evernote Is Everlasting.

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Evernote is free app available for both android and apple users with over 200 million customers using it since 2007. The app has a number of purposes ranging from note-taking to managing your projects and work safely in your files. Evernote has even been reviewed as the best note taking app of this year, 2019 with a rating score of 4.4 out of 5 stars by the company Cloudwards. For more information on Evernote, click the link below to read more about Cloudwards’ review. https://www.cloudwards.net/evernote-review/

Evernote is known for its unlimited storage, its web clipper, notebooks and note tags. However, its major downside is that to unlock all features you would need to pay monthly for the premium subscription. Since the app is a cloud-based tool , its main features are the easy accessibility to share notes, pictures and voice-notes taken by the app to share with peers, classmates and colleagues. Once saved into your smartphone, you can search for previous work and order them into specific files making them much more useful compared to other files with work that is scattered about. These features are all available for laptops, computers and mobile devices.

My experience

As a user myself, I downloaded the evernote app earlier this autumn to keep track of my A level work specifically Electronics. Since it’s such a big topic and I receive quite a lot of homework at the end of the lessons when packing up, I don’t have much time to write it down and instead snap a quick photo of the work written on the board or the page number in my text book. Here are some examples.

So, is Evernote really worth it?

To conclude from my own experience, I believe that Evernote is not only a helpful app but it’s also very convenient during lessons when recording homework and could be useful to students in particular when studying. Why not get it yourself and try it out, it’s free and easy to use. Hopefully, you’ll be able to have your own viewpoint after downloading the app.

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