A new Digital Leader at the Centre for Lifelong Learning

Hi, my name’s Lois Darlington and I’m the new Digital Leader at CLL. I’ve been teaching ESOL at the college for the last 15 years. I am interested in finding out what aspects of digital learning are practical and useful to the teams who teach at CLL. In my experience, access to computer classes and up-to-date software is, in reality, often limited so I am interested in simple and effective approaches that enhance learning for students and give more options to busy teachers. The challenge is to extract from the numerous possibilities and options that digital tools give us, aspects which are most suitable and generally useful in today’s context.

So far I have found that my ESOL classes enjoy using activities that they can access on their phones, as part of a normal class, for example, Kahoot, which can make reviewing previous learning fun when individuals or pairs compete with each other to give the fastest and most accurate answers. I’ve also used it to make Induction lessons (Fire Safety) more lively as it is a good informal way to see how much students already know. With Quizlet students can learn new vocabulary through playing games and because of that, students actually tend to remember their new words. It is a good way for students to learn independently and it is also good for recapping. My students are now asking me to create them so they can practise their grammar on the bus. What is really helpful, is that they can listen to the pronunciation as well as check meanings, spelling and grammar.

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