Danielle’s Update on the new version of Texthelp Read & Write

20180625_121410My name’s Danielle and I am a Level 1 English and Maths student in the Centre for Lifelong Learning. I use Texthelp to support me with my reading and writing.

Our IT Department recently installed the new version pf Texthelp (Version 12) so I have been researching what is new to help other students and teachers at my College. I will share my findings below.

What has changed?

There is a new spelling and grammar check tool designed for learners with diverse learning needs called “CheckIt”:

  • CheckIt is a new and improved spelling, grammar and confusable word tool that allows users to be notified of potential errors as they type
  • CheckIt is continually updated with additional grammar and spelling rules
  • Check It works with Google Docs
  • You can click on any underlined word to see suggested edits
  • Within the suggestions, you can use other Read & Write tools like the dictionary, picture dictionary and translator
  • CheckIt also works within Word and in windows e.g. Excel and PowerPoint



It really is helping me. You can listen to the mistakes you make in your work and then correct them. For example, the other day I typed stapler instead of sharpener but I realised I had made a mistake when I checked it afterwards!

Other Updates

  • You need to log in to access TextHelp with Google, Microsoft etc
  • You can use Google Chrome Offline Voices if the internet is slow or on the go
  • There is a new translation tool and description of every language available
  • The PDF Reader is compatible with EquatIO which means students can have maths in a PDF read aloud –plus you can input maths directly into the pDF using dictation, handwriting and more (see link)


I am pleased about the PDF Reader as this will definitely be useful for exams.

I am going to support staff and student training in using the new version of Texthelp in the new year. In the meantime, I hope you have a very happy Christmas break!

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