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My name is Rosie and I am studying Level 3 Diploma in Make-Up Artistry and I am also a Digital Ambassador in the Centre for Lifelong Learning. I have been researching health and beauty apps which may be of interest to students and teachers of Health and Beauty. Here are three apps I found really interesting.

YouCam Makeupyou


If you’ve ever wondered whether your skincare regime is actually working (or your bad skin day is all in your imagination) , “youcam makeup’s” latest skin diary feature is the aid you didn’t know you wanted.  Simply take a selfie everyday and the app will analyse your skin’s age and health by tracking signs of wrinkles, spots, uneven texture and dark circles. It’s strangely addictive!



To track your beauty sleep and health regimen, with the misfit app you can monitor food intake daily activity and your sleep cycle, and then you can set goals for your sleep, diet  and  exercise routine.  Bringing a new definition to beauty sleep the app sleep tracker works with a smart alarm to get you feel energized and well rested. To keep you on track, the app also comes with a food tracking log and suggested activity level to meet each day .

Make-up Editor – Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera


You can use the make-up editor app to achieve a professional and beautiful photo and share the photo to social networks. Make-up editor provides many powerful natural make-up styles to setting up our makeup with just one tap!

  • Real- time beautiful effect and filters.
  • Numerous make up effects & DIY make-up
  • Change hair style and colours easily.
  • Add foundation/  Lip colour/  Eyebrows/ Eyeshadow/  Eyeliner/ Eyelashes/ Eyelids/ Eye colour / Contour to make the photo more beautiful.
  • Choose from hundreds of eye wear, hats,  necklaces, earrings at random


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