Google forms for quizzes

Google forms is an excellent tool for formative assessment and it allows you to quickly respond to student needs. You have instant access to the data from students and a snapshot of how they are understanding.

When creating your quiz, you can delay the release of results in case you want time to review them. You can also decide whether or not students can see their missed questions and the correct answers. To create your own quiz  /  quiz 1

I created one for my ESOL students and here are some advantages and disadvantages .


  • quick and easy to create (go to link provided above)
  • students don’t need a Google account to access your quiz
  • provides easy access to longer text response
  • students from different classes can all complete the same form


  • Question order cannot be randomized
  • No option to provide detailed feedback within the quiz to students

Click on the  link to see a grammatical quiz I created for my students

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