Julie’s tips on using technology for teaching, learning and assessment

I’ve picked up these ideas/ tips through research, attending conferences and trying myself.

  • Organisations should focus on people not technology: when buying kit spend money on planning and training as well “make it work, make it count “.
  •  Always think of pedagogy
  •  SHOW people how technology can be used in class
  • CPD on using technology should be little and often
  • No conclusive research about impact on grades but increases student engagement and independence.
  • Still need to build relationships with students
  • Students can easily find information, knowledge will be everywhere  – focus on HOW they use
  • Differentiate staff training
  • Technology is another pencil in your tool box only use if fit for purpose and invisible
  • Work with those who are positive – spread the enthusiasm
  • If a member of staff is reluctant it is usually due to lack of confidence
  • Get students on side and use their knowledge of technology

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