Maker Club Visit

During the workshop, I got the opportunity to develop many useful skills. The workshop not only allowed me to build understanding of programming but also see how I could apply it in the real world.  Before starting the workshop, we all engaged in a group activity, which involved discussing time before technology.

The main focus of the maker club workshop was to engage students and staff in creating a moving robot. We did this through code and helped format and structure the knowledge we had prior to our visit to come up with the best type of prototype we could in the time available. We watched tutorials and videos to inspire us on the potential of coding, for example, during the introductory talk on 3D printers.


I was very impressed with what everyone had achieved and it inspired me as it built my understanding on the application of coding as beforehand, I personally did not know the potential of what a simple code could do.

Finally, as we came towards the end of the workshop, we reflected on how much technology could impact on society and how at times we take it for granted.


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