Microsoft Event – 8th May 2017


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As we entered the amazing Microsoft building in Paddington, we were put in groups, we also were guided by three staff to the offices. As we entered the offices there was food and drinks waiting for us! After we had all settled, we started introducing ourselves. Then we started learning about programming basics, which was really interesting as I learnt how to control an avatar in the game. The stages got harder as new features are introduced. However, I always like a little of a challenge!

After that we had to get into smaller groups and think of an IOT device that we could develop in the future. Our group, thought of a wardrobe containing technology, so that it could select the designer clothes that you’d want to wear and it indicates whether the clothes are dirty.  One group had to be a winner and at first I thought I was going to win. Unfortunately, when it came to the end of presentation I was not the lucky one chosen!

Then after that the winning group from the office had to present in front of the whole group (because there was other groups in other offices). We awaited the final decision from the dragons and the winner was a group of girls from SFC! You know what they won? They got a little drone each! I was so appalled. I wish our group had won!

At the end of the day, being at Microsoft was a great experience and we really enjoyed ourselves. Furthermore, it helped us  open our minds to other possibilities towards employment! If you get the opportunity to go to this event, I highly recommend it as its very educational.

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