Virtual Reality: A Student Perspective

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Virtual reality is currently in development and is an upcoming trend. However, for now, VR is still in its prime and isn’t as advanced as expectations.

I recently attended the BETT Show, an educational technology event, which manufacturers and programmers attend with the aim of promoting their services and products to potential clients.

One exhibit I visited at this event was a company selling VR for learning providers. Participants were encouraged to try out their equipment and luckily for me, I was able to try out a VR experience.

Although the experience of VR was interesting, the learning conditions they presented to me were not very interactive. They provided a 3D experience (like watching a 3d movie strapped up, close to your face), but the experience itself did not feel educational.

In addition, the cost of a VR headset is very expensive and to buy these items on a large scale could consume a lot of funds provided by a college or school. An individual VR headset can cost anywhere from £500 – £700 pounds per headset.

In conclusion, I believe that any teachers considering investing in VR equipment and learning resources should carry out very careful research on the educational value of a product before they commit to the purchase.


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