Bett Show and ‘School of Code’


The Bett show is a education technology event where a variety of technology companies come to promote their businesses and services. As a student, many of the stalls did not interest or apply to me as their main goal had been to promote their business to potential buyers.

However, there were many interactive stalls where you were able to test software and products such a Virtual Reality (VR) games using VR headsets. One of the companies that stood out the most to me was ‘School Of Code’ created by Chris Meah. School of Code is an interactive platform to allow student and children to learn coding in a fun and creative way.

During a demonstration I was able to create my own avatar using HTML and CSS, a programming language. Although the coding was aimed at a younger audience, it was also fun for me to practice my HTML. Another feature that I liked is that it is a social way of learning coding as you are able to code with someone else which creates a more entertaining learning environment.

School of Code is a great way to introduce younger children and students to coding and to also develop skills that could be useful if they choose to go into the Computing industry.

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