Foap app review

Foap is a free app designed for people to upload pictures taken on their smartphone or cameras to sell and to compete in competitions so they can earn big rewards.

The pros of Foap

The best thing about Foap is that it gives aspiring photographers a platform to gain exposure for their talent. Each picture posted can be viewed, rated and shared amongst fellow photographers increasing the chances to get sales. Users of the app can also follow people to gain inspiration from their photos and make their content better, as a result. The chances of building a business is certainly there and only increases the more you use the app and continue to show off your hidden talent. Foap also offers competitions in many different styles as well. The competitions are not just about who has the highest quality picture but who can tell a good story. The objectives for competitions vary greatly allowing for users to show off their styles.


There are some small annoyances with the app, unfortunately. Information can be a nuisance to find due to the app not having any about us, contact us or FAQs page. All of that has to be found on their web page which is a confusing decision for them to have made it that way. The way to enter competitions is also questionable. You enter competitions by spending Foap coins but the only way to obtain Foap coins is by either watching ads or by winning competitions. Now with the sheer amount of users on the app, winning competitions is unlikely so really watching ads is the only method. Having to watch something there is no interest in is annoying by itself but the real issue lies in how there are only 15 coins to get after you have finished watching them and to enter some competitions require up to 200. These may be only restricted to premium missions but this is still a very poor way of having a chance to even get in these competitions. Even then the premium missions require more creativity with the regular usually only asking for one thing with an object like a piece of clothing you might not even have so this seems counter-intuitive for what the purpose of the app is.


Overall, despite some drawbacks, Foap is a incredible tool for beginning and professional photographers to gain a following and improve by sharing photos with one another.

Rating 7/10

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