Citymapper App Review

Citymapper is a free app, which makes travel around your city more efficient and easier. Free to download on both on the Google play store and the App store, city mapper is accessible to all.

What is Citymapper?

Citymapper is a phone application which makes travel around your city easier by compressing all you need into one app. City mapper has an interactive map of the city showing you all methods of transport nearby. It also allows you to chose where you’re heading to, giving you multiple options on how to get there, including the time it takes, the pricing and it shows you a trail on the interactive map which updates as your location changes.

Why Citymapper?

Citymapper includes features which ultimately take your travels to the next level, such as live bus times. This allowed me to delete my bus time app which only served one purpose. City mapper allows you to save frequent destinations such as your home, work place and school. Selecting one of these shows you the fasted route to get there, meaning travelling is more efficient and easier. This app does the work for you.


Even a great app like city mapper has some drawbacks, however they aren’t major. Sometimes city mapper doesn’t provide the fastest route. Additionally, not all cities are currently available, so if you’re not living in a big city chances are your city wont be on there.

Do i recommend city mapper?

I recommend city mapper to any one living in a major city such as London as a tool for their travel. It can be super helpful in aiding you if you’re lost or in need or guidance, however i wouldn’t depend on it. Chances are you can find faster routes by gaining your own knowledge of the city.

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