Bus Times

Official logo of the Bus Times app

The app Bus Times allows you to look at the time a bus is coming to a specific stop. How it works is it looks for specific bus stops around your current location and it allows you to see what times the different busses are coming. E.g. if you are looking for a way you will be able to go home and you have searched on the map the bus you’re going to take to go home, you will see what time a bus is coming to a different route. This is highly effective as although some bus stops have timers for them, some may not work, some may not be working and some bus stops don’t have any at all.

Bus Times is a free app but it does have some downfalls. You may ask what these include, well for starters if you want to look at bus location outside the radius of your location it does not allow you to do that. This is a frustrating because you will not be able to look at what time a bus is coming to a specific bus location. Another minor downfall is the bus icon. The bus stop icons are very small and it gets annoying clicking then re-clicking to get the right bus icon which is not that big of a deal, but it would be better if you could select these more easily.

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