Don’t forget Free

I am Danielle, a student in the Centre for Lifelong Learning at City and Islington College. This is my third year and I am currently studying Level 1 English. Below is my review of an app I recently tried.

What is the app? 

The app I am going to review is called “Don’t forget Free”.

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What does it do?

It is a reminder app on your phone and it notifies you when you have an appointment, need to pay a bill or hand in homework. The message will come on your screen when you unlock your device and it will stay on you phone until you want to delete it.

How does work?

You simply enter what you want to be reminded about in the text box and press “enable reminder”. You press “disable reminder” to disable.


It is completely free and it pops up so you don’t forget things and it helps me stay organised.


Unfortunately, it is only available on Google Play and you can’t download it from the app store .

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