Digital Solution To Bushcraft?

So you’re lost in the woods!

With this new app, your misery is over before it began. “Survival Manual” is an app all about bushcraft aka wilderness survival skills. It is available on the Google Play store and with a relatively low data size this keep-safe will not steal your storage.

The app has a variety of sections which allow for you prepare for a wilderness expedition or have on-hand information in the event of you becoming lost in the wild. At a basic level, it allows you to deal with your three biggest threats: Exposure, Food and Water. But the sections can go into such things as planning and even some craftsmanship making you a more advanced survivor.

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

Another feature of this app allows you access to a basic appendix of animals you may encounter from threats to potential food sources. This includes: fish, molluscs, insects and arachnids. While it does point out some threats, I believe this appendix should defiantly be expanded to include more creatures and perhaps divide creatures by biome as to keep users aware of threats in certain areas.

However, their insight into certain biomes can be especially useful to the survivor with the four categories of : Tropical, Desert, Cold and Sea. We can be prepared for a variety of scenarios and put Wilson and Tom Hanks to shame!

Under Fire?

A unique feature of this app is its advice on how to survive in hostile areas due to human behaviour such as a war zone or if you are trying to disappear off the grid. To help with this, it has entire section dedicated to camouflage and how to hide your survival activity turning you from a obvious fool to Sauron’s Nazgûl in the space of a reading and a little bit of practice. One of the most useful of these techniques is the stealth campfire known as the Dakota fire hole popular with the soldiers of Vietnam.

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