Reddit – The Most Unknown Popular Website In The World

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When you have conversations with people, you will often refer to something you saw or read online in the same way you’ll refer to something you saw on TV, right?

I do this and mention the app or website REDDIT, this will usually result in a blank expression from people like they don’t know what I’m talking about. I forget there are so many online forums, you probably just use your favourites like YouTube, Facebook etc.etc.

Well I thought I’d write a little blog entry about Reddit and why I like it, you never know, you might like it too!

Before I started writing this I thought I’d do a quick internet search to find out what other people had written about Reddit, and yes of course, it had its number of haters, often saying most of the communities were toxic or just giving bad advice.

I would think all social media has an element or community of people that you won’t agree with, but that’s the way life goes, huh?

I tailor the communities I subscribe to on Reddit regularly, some get forgotten about and pop up on my home page now and again to say I’m still here but there are a lot I view everyday.

So, I like it because I can follow what people know and think about the subjects that interest me, and sometimes it leads me places that I may find interesting, it’s fun to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes!

And yes, there are also a lot of weird and wacky places on Reddit, so be prepared and think about that risky click of the day, these will usually have a NSFW (not safe for work) tag to help you decide. Also, the site is blocked at City and Islington College for safeguarding reasons. However, you can access it outside of college but be cautious with the links that you click on.

The app is available for free from your favourite app store, and I find it nice looking, well designed and optimised even for my old cheapo phone (Huawei P Smart)!

Here’s a few links of some sub reddits I like just to get you started.

Thanks for reading my first, albeit brief blog entry, it’s up to you to decide if you like Reddit or not.

Hopefully the next time I say to somebody ” i saw an interesting thing on Reddit yesterday “, it won’t induce a blank expression from at least one person who has read this!

As with any social media, remember to be cautious and stay safe when interacting with random internet strangers!

Unofficial Disclaimer : Publisher has not received payment from Reddit for this blog.

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