Snatch app review


Snatch is a free app that can be found both in the App Store and the Google Play store. This app consists of combining a game with the possibility of getting items for free, ranging from voucher codes to real cash. This app is completely free, and has in-app purchases to help you in case you run out of in-game money but you are under no obligation to part with any money.

I discovered this app a few days ago, and its interface is quite simple but can be understood by anyone using the app. I have spent around 20 minutes playing and I’ve already won multiple codes, such as an Xbox ultimate game pass and a 3 month subscription to free music on Tidal. I have already redeemed both, and they worked, so this app does deliver its promises.

How the game works

In this game, you have to complete. There are multiple boxes that you can “Snatch” by simply capturing them using your camera with AR (Augmented Reality), or using the game interface. I find using AR easier, as the boxes move around quite a lot, and using the camera for mobility is very useful. These boxes are spread all over the country, and many players are looking to get these.

Depending on your preferences, which you can set in the settings, you will get what you want or something similar. For example, I selected that I would like an Xbox One console, and I got an Xbox ultimate pass.
The app offers small prices, such as the game pass, to big prices, such as consoles and up to £500 in rewards, if you get a box with money. However, if you do gain a big price, or a cash price, several players will try to “snatch” your box, which basically means, stealing them to take them. The app will automatically notify you, through a push notification, if someone is trying to snatch one of your boxes. These boxes can be defended with in-game items, that cost in-game money. If you don’t have any items, the box is most likely to get snatched. You can also try to snatch other boxes that are owned by other players. This process costs 250 coins, and if you fail and want to try again on the same person, the cost will increase to 350 coins. I have tried to snatch some boxes and out of 5 attempts, I got two boxes.

The items that defend your box, those that I explained earlier, make the box very hard to steal. Once you have captured or snatched a box, you need to wait 6 hours, or less if it has been snatched. For example, one of the boxes that i snatched had only 1 hour remaining to open them. Once that is completed, you are free to open them. Apart from having items that defend your boxes, you can also go to these “safe houses” that are spread over the country. There is a safe house near my one, and there are several boxes around my area.

There are also upgrades that can help you to capture these boxes. Without the upgrades, you will have limitations. There are two limitations, range and the amount of boxes that you can hold at the same time. By default, you have a short range and you can only hold 3 boxes at the same time. In order to upgrade these, you need to spend coins, which can be obtained through boxes, opening the app daily, and through the referral system (which i will explain later). I have upgraded my range, and the amount of boxes I can hold. However, the more upgrades you do, the more coins it will cost. If you spend all your coins, you can exchange the diamonds that you are given at the beginning for coins, but I do not think it is worth it. You also have the chance of winning some coins if you make a post about a price you got through the game, and tagging the game account through a social media of your choice (I used Twitter). Diamonds can be used to either exchange them for coins, or buy special items to defend your boxes.

Referral system

The referral system works by using a link, in which other people can click into and download the app. If you do get someone to register through your link, you receive 1000 coins for each sign up, and you are entered into a giveaway, with the chance of winning £1000. I will be posting my referral link here, in case you want to download the app. (If you are on a desktop, this link will take you to the official Facebook page. This link needs to be clicked on a mobile device, whether it is Apple or Android.)

My opinion

I feel like everyone should use this app, it is fun, entertaining, and you can win actual prices, ranging from voucher codes to consoles and up to £500.
Below, you’ll find some links. Those links are images that show that the game does deliver its promises, it is proof of me winning the Xbox ultimate game pass.

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