Review of Snapchat

Logo of Snapchat

What is snapchat?

Snapchat is worldwide messaging app. Over 200 million active users use snapchat daily. In snapchat, you are able to talk to your friends and meet new people. Also you can send images to your friends and you post images or videos to your story so you can show people what you did on that day. Snapchat has a variety of different stories to you look at such the news,your favourite celebrity,company’s like Sony, Microsoft.

Pro and cons


  • Easy to use
  • Message your friends and family
  • Meet new people
  • Share what you did on any specific day
  • See what your favourite celebrity are doing
  • Read the news
  • Variety of stories you can look at
  • Use different filters
  • Look at any events that are happening
  • Turn on/off your locations


  • Your profile can be exploited if public (so set it as private)
  • People can see your location (but you can turn it off)
  • Can be used to bully people
  • Some people can make fake accounts using your name
  • Can be addictive

Overall, I recommend snapchat to all young people but i would suggest being responsible when using the app and be safe because people can see your location which you can turn off. I use snapchat daily ever since it came out and I have had no problems with the app. However, I believe it can be improved to make the app more safe.

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