Review of Photomaths

Photomaths is an extremely useful Mathematical app. It is a free app available for both Apple and Android devices.  More advanced versions are available at a price.  However, the free versions seems to be perfectly adequate.  The recommended age for this app is 4 year plus.


Photomaths uses the camera on your phone to photograph an equation, including handwritten ones.  It then provides a step by step solution to solving the equation. Some equations even have an animated solver and offer different methods.   It can even produce graphs!  It is a really useful app not only to use as a calculator but also as a diagnostic tool.  The step by step feature allows you to see the steps to solving the calculation and can be useful in identify any mistakes.  From basic calculation to more complex ones this app is ideal way of reinforcing your maths knowledge and understanding the steps to solving a calculation.  It is intuitive to use precise and clear.

I would highly recommend this app to all tutors whose students have maths on their main course and for their own personal use.  I believe most students would really benefit from having this app.  I will be trialling this app with students that I see on a one to one basis.  My rating for this app would be 5 stars!

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