Why monday.com is a useful website for project planning

Hi, my name is Aisha and recently I’ve found a website that I think would help plan and organise any projects. Originally I was going to talk about one of the several apps I frequently use called Amino which is a place that has a network of communities that let you explore, discover and obsess over the things you are into. But for now, I thought it was best to talk about this website that I recently got into and found helpful which is called monday.com.

What is it?

Monday.com is a team management solution to connect people to workplace processes, for companies of all sizes, across any industry. It helps people organise themselves and keep track of any projects they are currently doing no matter how big or small the group is. The software is very intuitive and customisable. It is also an app that you can download on your phone which makes it easy to access.

How does it work?

When you first sign up they provide a quick and simple step by step way in starting up your project planning. All you would need is an email account. After making the account they give you the opportunity to add your team members via email. You can add your team to the project planning where you can all access it at the same time. With monday.com, you plan your projects and work on them in the same place, creating true dynamic planning. From there you can assign certain tasks and goals to your team as well as yourself and keep track of how far along everyone is with the work and who is done and who isn’t.


Like with most websites, there are some negatives with this website the main one being that it is not free to use. You need to subscribe to one of their plans to continue to use monday.com which is unfortunate if you don’t want to spend money on this but there is a free trial. Also, it is tiered subscription service, and the pricing is based on the number of people on your team as well as the plan that’s best for you. So in order to get the full experience, you need to pay at least £20 and that only for 5 users.

Overall, monday.com lets you line up your goals and share them with everyone. While your team is deep in the details, the big picture helps everyone focus on what’s really important. Also there is an app version that can be downloaded on your phone making it easy to access whenever you want. Which is why I think this would be a useful tool to use when it comes to managing projects with big groups if you are willing to pay quite a bit of money for it.

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