Digital learning – some new apps to try this autumn

Over the summer, I researched some new learning technologies for City and Islington College, the pros and cons and the accessibility of each. You can read my findings below.


Flipgrid on phones

Flipgrid is an online tool that uses video conferencing to improve student engagement and formative assessment. It allows students and educators to interact with each other to learn, teach and discuss different topics. It’s a means for useful discussions.

An important aspect of the app is that it engages the students and it incorporates a social aspect to learning and allows for interaction between educator and student. Students record short videos and can reply to each other’s. Educators are in control with moderation and access controls.

Students can use the platform to learn and discuss topics with other students as well as learn from educators. It is a free resource for teachers to use if they register. Students can access the online platform with a flip code provided by their educator.


Image result for jabtalk

JABtalk is an open source android app which is used to help with speech communication for non-verbal children and adults. I would recommend this app to Inclusion and Learning Support.

It is an extremely useful app to help support those who have speech impairments. It’s free to use, however, it is only available on android, therefore Apple users will not have access to the tool. It would be nice to see the tool available on different platforms as it would make it more accessible for those who would benefit from this resource.


Image result for quizizz

Quizizz is an online resource to create quizzes and assessments to be accessed and used both in class and at home. It is very similar to the online quiz tool, Kahoot, where the teacher creates quizzes and the students use a class code to access and participate in the quiz.

The resource is a fun and creative way of engaging and teaching students as it joins gaming with learning and provides healthy competition between classmates.

It is a free online resource and only requires registration to use the resource.


Image result for seesaw

Seesaw is an online platform for student engagement. It allows teachers to find and create activities to share with students and it allows students to take pictures, draw, record videos etc and to save learning in a portfolio.

It also engages with parents/carers as they are able to see their work and leave comments and encouragement for them.

It is a useful tool as it provides one platform for students to learn and store notes and it also allowed their parents to view their progress which improves their encouragement and motivation.

The resource is accessed through an app which is available on any device and it is a free tool for teachers to utilise.


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