Danielle’s Review of Proofreading & Reading Apps

20180625_121410Hello. My name is Danielle and I am a student in the Centre for Lifelong Learning and also volunteer as a Digital Ambassador.

This year I passed Entry Level 3 in English so in September, I will be starting Level 1 so I decided to research a couple of proofreading and reading apps to help me with my studies. These are my findings.

ReadOut! (TTS)

This is a text to speech app and a personal reading assistant.

ReadOut pic

Why I like it

  • When I type, I can play it back
  • It pauses after each sentence
  • I can edit my documents
  • It will help me with reading and writing for Level 1 English

There are more features if you pay for the premium version which is only £2.79:

  • Login via Google/Facebook
  • No ads
  • Unlimited number of saved texts
  • Get Premium Support

What I don’t like

  • It is only available on Android

How to access it

  • On android phones, go to the Play Store and search for ReadOut!

Natural Reader

This is a free text to speech app that can be used to listen back to Word documents, PDF files and web pages using a synthetic voice.

logo-natural reader

Why I like it

  • Easy to select text with my finger to read back
  • It pauses after full stops
  • It can import files to read – e.g. Word, PDFs
  • I can also enlarge the text on my phone
  • I can listen to it out loud or with headphones
  • I can reduce the speed if it is too fast

What I don’t like

  • In the free version, it does not let me edit it on my phone
  • The text is too small when I type
  • If I want to enlarge the text, you have to do it on Word first
  • The premium version is expensive ($4.99/month)

How to access it

  • On android phones, go to the Play Store and search for NaturalReader Text to Speech and install
  • On iOS, go the App Store



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