Questionnaire design and analysis using Google forms


I have been teaching research methods for many years.  The students have to complete a research project and report the findings.   Quantitative data is gathered though a questionnaire.  In past years students have spent hours setting  out questionnaires on word documents and then collating and analysing the data by hand.

I discovered Google forms and after using them myself to gather feedback from students, incorporated the use of them into the unit delivery.  Student Digital Ambassadors helped show the students how to use Google forms.  Students now use the templates to set out their questionnaires and either print them to hand out face to face or email them to the research participants.  If the questionnaires are completed online, the findings are analysed and presented in graph form.

Using Google forms in this way has been a great step forward:

  • Questionnaires are better designed; questionnaires look more professional.
  • Analysis is quick so students can spend more time on writing their research report.
  • Development of useful skills that they can use in the workplace.
  • Helps students meet the deadlines.


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