Using Padlet to support peer review of assignment feedback.

Your students have met the deadline; submitting the report on time.   You have completed the feedback sheet and identified which criteria has been met/ not met and areas for improvement.  You then have the challenge of how to check students are clear what they need to do before resubmitting.  If you talk one to one it is repetitive for you and boring for the other students in the class who are waiting for you.  It is preferable for students to “work it out” for themselves rather than being told what is already written down.  Often there are some great discussions which are not recorded in any way.

I tried using padlet to support students to talk to each other about the feedback and  offer suggestions as to what to do to improve.  I asked students to sit in pairs with their feedback and log in to the padlet page.  The task was to post ” Add the corrections you need to make to the wall if they are not already here. GIVE ADVICE ON WHAT TO DO – WRITE IN CAPITALS”

What worked:

  • The students reviewed each others assignments and discussed feedback
  • Students listed what they needed to add in/ improve
  • All were engaged in the process and helped each other understand the feedback
  • Students exchanged ideas and information to help each other

What didn’t work so well:

  • No advice on what to do was posted
  • One student was a bit reluctant to take advice from peers rather than from me and would have preferred not to have to talk about feedback with their peers.







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