Supporting colleagues to use technology for teaching, learning and assessment.

I’ve been supporting two colleagues who are definitely on a roll with using more technology with their students.  I met with them for half an hour last week to show them Padlet, Quizlet and the Blended Learning Consortium (BLC) modules available to the College.  They were both already using Kahoot!  By the end of the session they were buzzing with ideas about how to use them.

We met again this week to discuss how it went.  One colleague used the Quizlet flashcards with Level 2 learners; one set in class and then another set access via Moodle for homework, which was then followed up in the next class.  This helped the learners to remember key terms.

My other colleague used Quizlet, BLC modules and Padlet with Level 3 Public Service students for the first time.   The gravity game in  Quizlet was used; students have to race against the clock to type in definitions of key terms.  The activity had already been written, all that was needed was to share the link with the students.  The feedback from the students was very positive.

A task was set for homework where students had to read some materials and post comments on the Padlet “wall”.  Learning was checked through a Kahoot! quiz at the start of the next lesson.  Those who completed the homework had a much higher score than those who didn’t.  This prompted a discussion among the students about the importance of completing homework and a strong sense of competition among the students.

The BLC modules were very useful for the lecturer and the students as they included a variety of online activities which complemented the in class teaching and learning.   The can be used in class or at home, ideally with follow up and discussion of key learning points.  Completion of the modules by students can be monitored.

We looked at examples of  how I have used Google forms and Blendspace with students and we’ll review how it goes.  Next we are going to develop use of Podcasts and Blogs, both of which are new to me too.

The approach of demonstrating the technology and sharing how I have used with colleagues and then meeting again to see how they have used the technologies is working really well.  They have found these technologies quick and easy to use, can see how they can be slowly introduced and be used appropriately, not just as a gimmick and that  there is no need for a drastic change in the way they teach and assess learning but an evolution through introducing technologies when relevant. The students are enjoying using something new.

We talked briefly about a framework/ way of thinking about how to introduce technology and I outlined the SAMR model which helped me.  Have a look at these links:





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