Using Padlet in teaching

I have been using Padlet with students and successfully used it in class recently.  Firstly, I set a home work task via Moodle. Students were asked to re-read notes relevant to the task, view a You Tube clip of a case study of a service user and then follow a link to a Padlet page which was headed with two questions for them to answer.

During the next class, students were put into groups and asked to read, review and add to the points.  Chrome books were used to facilitate working in groups.

This approach was effective as:

  • All students completed the homework before the class; this is not usually the case for homework.
  • During the class students identified spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) errors.
  • Reinforced learning of key points.
  • When asked for feedback at the end of the session, students really enjoyed recording their responses on Padlet and reviewing each other’s contributions in class.

Areas to develop:

  • Clearer guidance on what to review was needed as the students became focused on SPAG rather than the content.
  • Using Padlet to record responses to group work, in place of flip chart paper.

Give it a try!


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