Quick way to flip learning then assess it!

Step 1: Pick a topic “Definitions of pain” in this instance.  Design a “Blendspace” or use one already designed.  (The information included should present the main points in a variety of ways e.g word document, You tube clip, newspaper article, PowerPoint to provide a choice for students about how they explore the information and the depth to which they want to explore it; differentiation and stretch and challenge).

Step 2: Put Blendspace link on Moodle and ask students to read it and make notes to bring to the lesson.

Step 3:   In class, Kahoot! quiz on definitions of pain completed in pairs on phones.  Check notes have been made.  Group work using case studies to explore understanding.


  • Most students read and took notes on the content of Blendspace and brought the notes to the lessons.
  • Kahoot! quiz checked understanding and introduced key terms to students who did not do the homework.
  • Students liked the way the information was presented in the Blendspace.
  • Students can access Blendspace and information on their phones if no access to computer at home.
  • Using off the shelf Blendspace and Kahoot! resources saves planning and preparation time.



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