Introducing the Digital Leader for the Sixth Form College: Rebecca Morris

Hello.  I am the digital leader for the Sixth Form.   I’m the one on the right in the photo.

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I am head of Media Studies and I have worked at the Sixth Form since 2003.  I live on the 3rd floor in room 315.

My areas of interest, and those that I am focusing on this year, are:

  • using online technology and mobile enabled apps to assess student progress
  • researching blended learning platforms and from this research choosing the most appropriate in order to effectively integrate a blended learning approach into the new linear media studies curriculum.

Technology for assessing student progress

Recently I have been extending my use of Socrative as a case study method of assessing student progress, through a mixture of quiz and exit ticket modes. Kahoot! is another online assessment tool that I have begun to use in earnest and will become part of the research case study.  I will be showcasing best practice and through this will create a range of online tutorial videos instructing teachers as to how to create and use the same methods in their classrooms.

Blendspace platforms

I have begun my research for a replacement for Blendspace by looking at the new TES classroom.  This platform offers teachers an opportunity to create online lessons that can be used in their classroom and also an opportunity for teachers to share and sell their materials to other teachers.  I am exploring how this, along with Google Sites and Mahara, can be integrated into the Media Studies curriculum. I am working in conjunction with the Student Digital Ambassadors on rolling out the use of Mahara with this year’s Year 12 Media Studies cohort.


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