Digital Ambassador Recommends: Learn languages for free- Mondly

Mondly is a free app that allows you to learn any languages including Spanish, English, French, Russian, Norwegian and more!  Use this application to achieve all language skills!


  • The website has a lot of languages (29) you can learn, that are not available on most language apps yet. It includes Finnish, Croatian, Hindi, Greek, Farsi, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Afrikaans, Czech, Romanian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean and even Chinese. Of course, you can learn the popular languages like German, Spanish, French and Italian
  • A better explanation of “tenses”
  • It is also pretty complete with many lessons and topics. You learn a lot of vocabulary
  • A new daily lesson on a random topic every day
  • Even if you have to pay, it is cheap and offers 29 languages with a pretty good amount of content (It is only 20$ a year)


  • You have to pay if you want to have all the features
  • The lessons are the same for all languages, therefore it doesn’t deal with any language-specific grammar etc.
  • lack of consistency – sometimes one word is used in one-half of a sentence in a topic and a synonym in the other half, which is confusing; many possible answers missing (optional words are sometimes required and only sometimes both options are accepted)

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