My Trip to Microsoft

I found the event interesting, useful and compelling since during the day i was involved in a number of key discussions and interesting debates. Also the environment around me had a impressive feeling with a touch of heaviness but also an element of surprise due to the inspiring speeches and talks we were given by an undergraduate internship placement student.

Related image

The reason why i found it interesting was because most of the information i was given on the day has impacted the way i feel and think about pursuing my university career. It’s both helpful and enjoyable to know that i have more than one route to explore after i finish college. For example, the route of apprenticeship which not only allows people to get paid and have a much deeper understanding of work but also make friends and connect with other people as these connections will come in handy later on in life.

In addition to that i also found it useful because i found the understanding of how to handle a disappointing grade helpful and i also found the tips and points given by our mentor on what we should do if we are not progressing as well as we hoped.

Image result for microsoft centre paddington

Finally, i found it compelling since i thought the building itself and even the surrounding area in Paddington was very VERY professional and proved to me that only the most determined people are able to pursue a career at Microsoft but it is worth it ‘even if the food there is a little expensive’ (according to the intern who spoke to us)!

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