Digital Ambassador Recommends: Habitica – Gamified Task Manager

Habitica ( is a free productivity app available on the App Store and Google Play store that allows you to record your goals and to-do lists, and to build up good habits.

However, its main feature that makes it stand out from other similar apps is that it treats your life like a game. You get experience points and rewards for being productive, achieving your goals and strengthening good habits, and you lose “health” when performing negative habits. You also create your own avatar to represent you, and you can earn clothes, weapons, and even pets for your avatar as rewards for constructive behaviour. This “gameification” makes productivity an entertaining process, and helps combat procrastination.


Another great feature of this app is the social aspect. You can join common-interest groups with other app users, and you can “battle monsters” with your friends by completing tasks.

This app may not be useful for more impatient people, as it does require patience and a degree of honesty with yourself in order to only check off tasks after you’ve actually completed them.  That being said, I think it’s a great app for boosting productivity, especially for students, and it’s free so you should check it out!

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