Digital Ambassador Recommends: Self-Control!

Self-ConImage result for self control apptrol is a free application and allows you to block certain websites for a set amount of time. This enables you to concentrate fully on your studies and avoid sporadically checking social networks.Once you put these blocks in place, it’s impossible for you to access them until the time you’ve previously specified runs out.Until that timer expires, you will be unable to access those sites even if you restart your computer/ phone or delete the application.

We as young people tend to be on our phones as much time as we can so that way we can be update on everything so imagine you are studying, you sit at your desk and start to create a mind map to organised your ideas. When you’ve just created your first node on your mind map, you get a notification on your social media. It’s almost impossible to ignore! So you check it out and waste another few minutes instead of studying!

I think this is a great app because it help you to be focus on your work that way you can do it better and quickly as well as it is available in 10 different languages also it’s easy to use and understand what is not so good about it is that if you have any emergency you can not access to it until the time is up but in general it’s a good application.

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