Digital Ambassador Recommends: FotMob app

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FotMob is a free app that is used on a computer and on a mobile phone, it’s used to remind the users of a  football game or it allows the user to check the football scores. In addition you could insert your favorite football team. It also gives you football news updates on player getting sold, football disaster’s and etc…

One thing i like about the FotMob app is that it allows you to see other leagues around the world the reason why i like this is because it allows you to know unknown leagues results. Another reason why i like this app is because it much easier to use than other mobile apps i find that when i’m using other mobile app some of them don’t allow you to insert you favorite football club.

Benefits of Fotmob

  • News Updates – You can watch news on your mobile app
  • TV Schedules – You can know where the football match is live on television
  • Search Bar – allows you to search football teams , news , matches and etc..
  • Easy to navigate
  • Allows you to look at players information and you could add players as favourite

Drawbacks of FotMob

  • Need internet access
  • Does sometimes lag out need to delete the app


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