Student feedback on use of digital tools and mobile apps for study

66% of students want to use more digital tools for their studies

A survey was recently sent out to students on their use of mobile devices and digital technology. The survey was open over the course of 3 weeks and we received 130 responses. Students responded to the survey on a range of devices, with a majority of 62% using smartphones. 95 % of students who responded to our survey said they own a smartphone, 75% said they own a laptop, 49% said they own a tablet and 29 % said they own a desktop computer. Students who owned more than one device tended to express a preference for using their smartphone.

Key findings include that 51% of students who responded said their teachers ask them to use their phones or devices in class. 47% of students said they use apps to help them with their studies. Only 8% use apps for other activities such as clubs or enrichment. 65% of students said their teachers know enough about digital tools and technology but 35% said their teachers did not know enough. 66% of students said their teachers could improve their lessons if they used more digital tools and technology, whereas 34% did not think this was necessary.

Students also gave us lots of interesting feedback on their favourite apps and social media, shared what digital tools their teachers were using and what apps they found useful for their studies. They even made suggestions on how digital tools and mobile apps could be used to improve their studies. Overall, we were delighted with how enthusiastically students engaged with our survey.  A few students even emailed us directly to express an interest in working with us to develop digital literacy and innovation at the College. We are now researching how a digital ambassador network might work and hope to launch this in September 2016.

Student Digital Ambassadors

We are looking for students to help us drive change at the College!

Do you know any City and Islington College students who might be:

  • Interested in learning about new technologies and social media?
  • Think digital tools can help people learn and improve their employability?
  • Enjoy helping others?

If so, they may be interested in becoming a ‘Digital Ambassador’ and gaining some valuable experience for their CV.  Please ask them to email the College’s Digital Education team for more detail.

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